The Bonds of Matrimony

Even though he'd told her never to play with herself without permission, yesterday he'd come in the door after a long day and there she was, half-naked at her desk, pleasuring herself again, having done nothing all day. The house was messy, the bed unmade, dishes dirty in the sink. Anger at being disobeyed swelled in him, and he rushed over to her, pulled her up by the arm, and dragged her into the bedroom.

Forcing her down on to the bed, he shouted, "Enough is enough! You're out of control!!" He was livid, and spanked her until she sobbed with tears. He put her to bed, locking the door to the bedroom so that she couldn't get out, and slept in the other room that night. Listening to her crying only convinced him that he had to do something. 

He was too angry to release her, though, and needed time to think; what could he do about her constant misbehavior? He was gone all day, and she was here, alone, no supervision, no way to keep his eye on her. He lay awake half the night, deciding what his options were. She had to learn to stop touching herself and obey his wishes.

In the morning, he let her out. She was resentful at the treatment she'd received the night before, and refused to speak to him, but he didn't care. He had a plan to take her in hand and control her bad behavior. He was home today, and so he implemented his plan immediately after she'd gone to the bathroom and eaten something. Because he was so angry with her, he'd told her very specifically when she awoke that she was only to eat and drink what he gave her, and she complied, although unwillingly. She ate from a tray in the bedroom which he brought in to her. Then he went out again, locking the door behind him. She was now his prisoner until he punished her severely enough so that she learned not to misbehave.  His plan would take time, but he would be patient.

Last night, he'd rummaged through his supplies, ideas forming in his mind. A box in the spare room contained a long length of rope, which he'd cut into lengths. The rope was white and smooth, and very strong, and it now lay beside the rest of his 'tools' on a tray. The nail trimmer scissors that accompanied the rope were sharp and small in his hand. He inserted a brand new blade in the razor, and poured a quantity of virgin olive oil into a clear glass container. He'd made an online purchase, adding special overnight delivery, and anticipated the mailman's knock on the door.

Coming into the bedroom with his tray of implements, he looked over at his wife. She was asleep; good. The drug he'd put into her morning juice had already taken effect, no doubt assisted by her night of exhausted crying. She looked so gentle and good when she was asleep, and it reminded him why he was doing this. She needed more sex, yes, but she also needed to learn to control her urges and be taught to always, always obey him. Right now, she could not control herself, so he had to help her.

She lay on her side, and he gently but firmly rolled her on her back, splaying her arms and legs out wide, but not so wide as to be truly uncomfortable for her to hold this position for a long time, maybe many hours. He held his breath, waiting for her to wake up and start yelling at him, but she continued her quiet breathing, and he knew he could do whatever he wanted; she was in deep sleep now. He took advantage of her unaware compliance, and rolled her over, fitting a large towel underneath her, positioning her in place on top of it.

Then he looped the lengths of rope over and around her hands and feet, tying her firmly to the ends of the bed. He tested the knots; they were tied tightly, and they held her in place, with some give so she could bend her arms and legs, but not enough room to move very far at all. He needed her to stay as still as possible on the bed while he shaved her entire pussy. This was very important, because she had to be hairless and completely naked for the chastity belt when it came special delivery later on today. He was planning to keep her in it for as long as it took for her to learn how to obey him, and her skin had to be kept clean and sensitive, so she would feel every tiny movement while wearing the belt.

Her legs were spread before him, exposing her pussy and inner ass cheeks. He had never before noticed how hairy she really was. Her folds were pink and full, and he noticed her little inside lips glistened with moisture. He wanted very much to touch them and play with her and make her cum, but he stopped himself. He had a job to do, and needed to focus. So he got the little trimming scissor and began to clip at the longer hairs around her pussy, being very careful not to nick her delicate flesh. He snipped the hairs until they lay flat against her skin, and when he had trimmed her pussy until it looked bare and almost naked, he ran his hand over it. The fine stubble that remained would respond well to the olive oil, the perfect lubricant to get the smoothest shave possible.

She moaned in her sleep, but did not wake. Yet he had a bit of a shock, and realised how much time was passing. He needed to get this done! So he took the razor, dipped it in the oil, and, shaking off the blade, started to stroke it against her skin, removing every last hair, both inside and outside the folds of her pussy. The oil helped the razor glide over the skin, allowing him to shave her until her folds were entirely naked, pure, clean and smooth, with only the tiniest, finest pale babylike hairs remaining.

She stirred awake, her eyes opening. She was groggy. "Wha.... what are you doing?" she muttered, slurring her words. He'd given her very powerful sleeping pills, and he knew she'd fall back to sleep again in a few minutes.

"I'm teaching you a lesson you need to learn, my wicked little girl," he whispered. The room was dark, and he wanted to keep her here, quietly, until she'd had a chance to sleep off the drugs. He caressed her smooth pussy, running his fingers through her warm slit. "It seems you liked being shaved.... you're all wet!" He chuckled softly, and he could see her eyes widen. He lit a candle, the better to see her tender flesh exposed to his view.

He couldn't make sense of what she was saying. All he heard was her whimpering, imploring him to let her go, maybe promising to be good... he couldn't be sure. He knew she was desperate though; he could see it in her eyes as they gleamed in the candle's glow.

"No, I don't think so. Not this time. You've promised to be good before, and you haven't behaved yourself, so now you're going to pay the price and learn to take me seriously!" He laughed, but she'd fallen asleep again, and so he cleaned up, taking his little tray of torture implements away with him.

When she woke, he was watching her. He'd enjoyed feeling her slit while she was sleeping, arousing her, watching her clit get wet and deeply pink. He'd played with her and teased her, and he hoped she felt it somewhere in the depths of her drugged slumber. The chastity belt had arrived while she'd slept, but he'd waited until she was conscious to put it on her so that she could feel the strong leather and cold metal against her skin, and he could watch her reactions. He was enjoying the spectrum of expressions on her face, as she realised what was happening to her.

She was now fully awake. He'd ordered a ball gag for her mouth, and now he inserted it. He didn't want to hear her complaints, and he also didn't want to hear her lie and say she'd be good. He knew perfectly well she'd say anything to get out of this predicament, but it was too late. He was determined to inflict this pain on her and change her behavior. She had to learn that only he controlled her orgasms, that it was disrespectful for her to cum without permission, without his knowledge. If he didn't stop this now, she would learn from his inability to control her that it was okay to do almost anything, and he wasn't about to let that happen.

To get the chastity belt on her and fasten its locks, he had to untie her feet, which he did, one at a time. It was slow going pulling it on to her, getting the belts in place, and fastening them, but he didn't mind. She was starting to understand how determined he was. Now she was begging him to let her out of this thing; she would do anything he wanted, anything!

"No, I don't think so," he said, frowning. "You've been very, very bad, and this is your punishment!"

"For how long?" she asked, her voice small and scared, but still defiant.

"Until you prove to me you can keep your hands off your pussy and behave yourself. We'll let you out of this once a day to clean you off. I will wash you and dry you. You aren't allowed to touch yourself at all."

"But what about peeing??" she squeaked.

"You pee through the little hole. You'll be okay. It won't be very nice at all, and it will smell nasty at first, but you'll learn very quickly, won't you, my little bitch in heat? And there's a special surprise inside  it. You'll like the way it feels at first, but I'm warning you now, since you won't be able to make yourself cum, you won't like it at all later on." 

She nodded, but shot him an angry glance. He let her sit up, untying her. "Now I want you to walk around, get used to wearing it. You'll be wearing it to sleep in, so we might need to adjust it. I don't want it to be too tight, otherwise you won't be able to breathe."

The chastity belt came with a small cup attachment, which fitted over her clit and labia just before he locked her in. He heard the satisfying "click" and it was done; she was trapped until he chose to give her her freedom. With the attachment in place, he knew there was absolutely no way her fingers could reach inside. Her pee would flow through its little holes, and she'd need to be washed off, but he was satisfied she was going to learn to behave.

When he removed the belt after the first week, as a test, he watched the playback from the webcam he'd installed to monitor her behavior while he was away. Sure enough, the little bitch went right for her pussy as soon as he let her out of her cunt cage! So back in it she went.

"This will go on until you learn!" he shouted at her, coming into the bedroom. He spanked her very hard for a long time, but she didn't cry this time. She whimpered during the spanking, but he couldn't tell if she was resentful or remorseful. He tied her to the bed again as extra punishment. He enjoyed watching her squirm against the bedclothes, her lower body, naked and encased in the straps of the belt, tied down as tightly as he dared, the ball gag in her mouth to shut her up. She would learn to submit. He was a patient man.

The next week, he tried again. This time, not trusting her, but wanting to test her resolve, he tied her hands very loosely, but kept her legs firmly bound to the bedposts. Her freshly shaved pussy was vulnerable to any sensation, and he knew the special interior of the chastity belt, with its little rubber tips gently but persistently caressing her clit all day long, was probably driving her crazy, building her desire. He'd set up a television in the bedroom to play a subliminal video with images she couldn't see and sounds she couldn't consciously hear, of women being fucked in every way possible. This was her punishment until he untied her.

Later that night, he fast-forwarded the playback; hours passed, but he saw that she did not touch her pussy, even though he adjusted the lens to a closeup view and could see how wet she was, tied up, fully exposed, legs spread wide. After watching the video, he went to the bedroom. He wanted to fuck her so badly, but he had to wait until she had learned to obey him. The things he wanted to do to her would be a reward she hadn't proved she deserved.

Her eyes, once filled with angry, resentful fire, now looked docile and almost sad. He went to her and immediately pulled off the ball gag. Drool poured down her chin; he wiped it off. He felt a little guilty, but all of this was necessary. She was such a bad, bad girl. He felt inside the waist of the chastity belt; no, it was not digging into her flesh. Good. He would hate for her to be in real pain, but his irritation, combined with the constant aching desire to dive into her soft flesh, gave him the will to punish her severely.

"What is it, my very precious little girl," he whispered raggedly, looking into those sad, quiet eyes. "What's troubling you?" He rubbed her mouth with his fingers; it looked red from the ball gag.

She gazed up at him, adoring, a look of gratitude in her eyes. "Thank you for removing the gag," she said. "I really needed that out. I'm so embarrassed to have drooled." She sighed, and her naked breasts, nipples hardened by the cool night air, moved up and down with the rhythm of her breathing .

"Don't worry, and don't be embarrassed. It's part of your punishment. But you look like you want to tell me something," he prodded. His hand was on her leg, gently caressing the inside of her thigh. He worked to focus his mind on what she was supposed to be learning, since all he wanted to do was rip his hard cock out of his pants, forcing her soft nether lips open to his bidding for the first time in weeks. 

"Yes, I have something I'd like to say, if it's all right."

Pleased with her new compliant attitude, he allowed her to speak, suppressing his desire.

"I don't want to upset you anymore with my bad behavior. I want to be good, and do what you tell me always." She hung her head, and cried a little. "I've had lots of time to think while I've been tied up, and I've realised how very bad I've been to you, how rude and disrespectful it's been to play with myself without your knowing."

"Why is it bad?" he asked, gently, the palm of one hand firmly pressing down on the groin of the chastity belt. He knew she probably needed to pee, and he wanted to torture her a little more before he let her out.

"Because," she said, gasping, her eyes wide and sincere, "... you should always know what I'm doing and be able to totally trust me," and then, shyly, in a little girl voice, "if I touch myself too much, it's unladylike.... and if I touch myself too much, it's like I'm saying you're not enough for me....!"

"Have you learned to be good? I want nothing more than to let you out. I'm tired of keeping you locked up like this."

"Yes, of course. I will be good from now on, I promise!"

He let her up to use the bathroom and have a proper bath. All of the little amenities she had once taken for granted, she was so grateful for now, and she kissed him for every tiny thing he let her do, and kept telling him how wonderful he was. She was in love with him for the first time, because now she appreciated him, and everything he gave her and did for her. However, he didn't trust her just yet, and even though he let her out of the chastity belt—for now—he kept her hands tied with silk bonds as she slept, and left the webcam on, its tiny light glowing, observing his very naughty girl all through the night.